This website was created by the Arizona Steering Committee to offer attorneys a one stop portal to find volunteer opportunities here in Arizona. The volunteer opportunities outlined on this website are directly linked to each of the individual programs, so you will be connecting directly with the group with whom you want to volunteer. If you are aware of an opportunity that is not listed, and you would like to have it promoted, please use the Contact Us function of this website.

  • 1 Statewide Volunteer Lawyer Programs
  • 2 Arizona Bar Foundation and State Bar of Arizona Joint Volunteer Programs
  • 3 Local and Specialty Legal Services Volunteer Programs
  • 4 State Agencies and Local Bar Associations
  • 5 National Volunteer Programs
  • 6 Arizona Law Schools
  • 7 Call to Action
  • Arizona Legal Services Steering Committee
  • Pro bono service - Arizona E.R. 6.1
  • Pro bono Programs - Key Components


Hon. Joseph Kreamer, has been chairing the Arizona Legal Services Steering Committee since its inception in 1998, following the submission of an Arizona plan to consolidate...

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ER 6.1. Voluntary Pro Bono Publico Service

(a) A lawyer should voluntarily render public interest legal service. A lawyer may discharge this responsibility by rendering a minimum of fifty hours of service per calendar year by one or a combination of the following activities: (1) Providing professional services at no fee or at a substantially reduced fee to the poor....

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What To Look For In A Pro Bono Program

The Statewide Arizona Volunteer Program directors of Community Legal Services, DNA-Peoples' Legal Services, and Southern Arizona Legal Aid, have shared seven key components of a successful volunteer lawyer program...

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